Children's show

Date and time: 
19.11.2017 - 16:00

A children show was held on the 19th of November in Imperial Business Hotel. The event was displayed by shows of two Russian brands Pelican and Akula from Nasha Skazka. The kids attended several defile lessons in the Diamond school (our permanent partner).We thank gratefully to our image-consultant Daria Gaustova and to the biggest beauty salons in Obninsk – NM Studio and CHOP-Chop. Great contribution was also made by forum Obninskiye mamochki I papochli and journal ObninskDiscovery. Video – Persona VIP, fotoes – Indigo Studio, emcee – Nikolai Chechin.

Location: Obninsk, Kiyevskoye highway, 11A

By invitation only

Tel. For inquiries: 89105459800

Partners of the event

Отель «Империал»

Обнинск, Киевское шоссе, д. 11А Отель «Империал»