Creative evening of Svetlana Quart

Date and time: 
20.10.2017 - 19:30

Author’s show of hats by designer-constructor Svetlana Kvarta. The models will be displayed by the members of clubs Superbabushka and Vozrastnet led by stylist designer Elena Fedukovich.

Supporting Music – romantic songs by Svetlana Kvarta.

Invited musicians – pianist Amayak Moryan and saxophonist Nick Sheffer.

Location: Obninsk, Kiyevskoye highway, 11A

Dress Code: Cocktail

By invitation only

Tel. For inquiries: 89105459800

Partners of the event

Отель «Империал»

Обнинск, Киевское шоссе, д. 11А Отель «Империал»