Date and time: 
23.12.2018 - 18:00

Dear girls! We invite you to "Date with Yourself " 

Open master class from the Practice on Self-development of Uminskaya Victoria 

You have great opportunities:

  • Manage yourself and analyze your drawbacks that prevent you from growing !!
  • Energize and take a fresh look at yourself and everything that surrounds you.

You will know:

  • How to find yourself? And why is it scary to be yourself?
  • How to learn to love yourself and enjoy the little things?
  • What is female energy?
  • What is the female power?
  • 10 rules of a selfmade women!
  • How to find your destiny?
  • What else can be done today?

Partners of the event

Отель «Империал»

Обнинск, Киевское шоссе, д. 11А Отель «Империал»