Date and time: 
11.10.2017 - 00:00

Effective networking:  how to find effective connections for successful business and life

  1. Where to look for partners, clients and investors.
  2. How to establish a rapport and to lead a dialogue
  3. How to be an attractive person for other people
  4. Mistakes while acquaintance, leading to failures in trade
  5. Secrets of  business card – how to enhance trade due to business card.
  6. How to transform business cards into useful contacts
  7. Main networking rule – Next steps after aquitance.

About speaker: Alexey Babushkin, expert on networking, business instructor, businessman,  author of the books “Effective Networking” and “101 piece of advice on networking”.

Location: Obninsk, Kiyevskoye highway, 11A

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