Seminar - Master class from Alena Moskovskaya

Date and time: 
07.12.2017 - 19:00

Imperial Business Club holds a Seminar-master class “ How to achieve New Year’s aims and goals” conducted by Alena Moskovskaya.

What differs a successful person from the unlucky one?

First one puts a goal and then looks for ways of achieving it, while the further earns money and then thinks how to spend it.

Why does someone lives in a cottage, and the other in a small apartment?

Why does one person drives an an outlander and the other can’t even afford to buy a lada car?

What is a secret way of achieving all your goals?

How to enjoy your life?

This master-class will help you to put the goals and aims correctly and effectively and to achieve 10 purposes before the end of the year.  You will also get a chance to make a wish table and to form 100 wishes for a coming New Year.

Location: Obninsk, Kiyevskoye highway, 11A

Dress code: cocktail

By invitation only

Tel. For inquiries: 89105459800

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Отель «Империал»

Обнинск, Киевское шоссе, д. 11А Отель «Империал»