Seminar Stress at Work

Date and time: 
16.11.2017 - 18:00

Psychological seminar Stress and Fatigue at Work.

Symptoms indicating that YOU should attend this seminar:

  • You are often in conflicts with you colleagues and chef.
  • You feel tired as soon as you arrive at work.
  • You are afraid of being incapable to perform your duties and to be fired.
  • You are being unbalanced and volatile.
  • In general, you feel dissatisfied and bored by the routine.
  • Un case you rule a company and have a wish to be acknowledged in all factors mentioned above in order to prevent problems with personnel.

The seminar will be led by a psychologist Natalya Gennadyevna Ushakova.

Event duration – 1,5 h.

Location: Obninsk, Kiyevskoye highway, 11A

By invitation only

Tel. For inquiries: 89105459800

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Отель «Империал»

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